5 Stages of Christian Growth: Where Are You?

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Did you know there is a step-by-step process for growing up in Christ? Just as our physical bodies mature, our spirit-life also has levels of maturity. Dutch does an in-depth teaching on the five stages of Christian maturity, taken from 5 Greek words. It's important that you identify where you are and your level of authority within the Body of Christ. For leaders, this message will help you recognize the characteristics of each stage, thereby, revealing which levels your congregants are currently in. Each stage of maturity correlates to greater levels of authority and responsibility. Where do you stand?

1 Review

Sharon Nolan 25th Apr 2019

5 Stages of Christian Growth - Where are you?

This is a much needed teaching to bring understanding to ever Christian whether new or seasoned. It really helped me see that you can be at different stages in different giftings and yet be ok. I have listened to it three times already and have loaned to three others. Getting ready to listen again. In usual fashion, Dutch presents deep truths on a level every level Christian can understand with everyday examples to bring it home. Thank you so much for this very informative and liberating teaching.

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