An Appeal to Heaven (CD)


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Through a series of dreams and prophetic revelation, Dutch Sheets has come into an increased understanding ofhonoring and reconnecting our nation to its righteous roots,Godly covenants, and past moves of His Spirit. The Everlasting God desires to birth a new prayer movement and release a fresh outpouring of signs and wonders in our day. We must return to the ancient paths andappeal to heavenin order to reap the harvest of the ages!

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11 Reviews

Peggy Kennedy 26th Jul 2016

Hope for America

On November 11th, 1999 I saw an angel who told me, "Christ is gathering His people and His angels, no one knows when it will be..." After speaking with the angel I became concerned for America as well as the world--I wondered what would become of us. In his An Appeal To Heaven, Dutch Sheets, has provided me great hope for America's future because he has shown we were meant to be. An Appeal To Heaven is a must for every US Christian

Pam Anderson 24th May 2016

Strongly relevent for today!

This message was so important and valuable for our generation of believers. I loved everything shared and am sharing with everyone I can.

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