An Appeal to Heaven Nat'l Conference 2016 Middletown, OH CD Set

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Knowing our nation was in a desperate place, I called for another Appeal to Heaven National Conference right before the 2016 elections. This conference was like none other. There were passionate times of prayer and declaration mixed with strategic worship. The messages were fresh and right on target.

As you watch and listen to these sessions, go with us to those intense places Holy Spirit took us. Pray with us, make the decrees with us, and declare God’s will to be done on the earth.

God is using a flag from our past to heal our present and preserve our future. The verdict is in: the Appeal to Heaven phenomena is more than a passing fad: it’s a movement!



  1. Dutch Sheets
  2. Chuck Pierce
  3. Will Ford & Matt Lockett
  4. W. J. Ostan
  5. Tim Sheets: Part 1
  6. Tim Sheets: Part 2
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1 Review

5th Dec 2016


I believe that I was led of the Lord to join in prayer and communion in this Appeal to Heaven conference. I was most impacted by the session with Will Ford and Matt Lockett. As it touched on a somewhat similar journey in the Lord in my own life and in relation to His heart for our nation that He has invited me into regarding those gone before me.
If it were not for the 'original' appeal to heaven message encountered in early 2015, I am not sure that I would be where I am today - spirituality transformed and physically re-rooted to a place He has established home, family and spiritual restoration.

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