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An Appeal to Heaven:

What Would Happen If We Did It Again

In recent days, you may have seen someone with a white flag displaying an evergreen tree beneath the phrase, "An Appeal to Heaven." This banner has made it's way into countless homes, prayer rooms, and even government buildings. The Appeal to Heaven flag holds great significance as it relates to America's founding, God's eternal covenants, and our present hope for this nation.

In An Appeal to Heaven, Dutch Sheets takes you on a journey of discovering the role you were designed to play in America's history. This short book is packed with powerful insights that will help you pray for America and leave you equipped to be part of her restoration. You have a role to play in this story.

Are you ready to take your place?


An Appeal To Heaven Tucson, Arizona 2016 DVD set 

The Appeal to Heaven Arizona conference was outstanding! Once again, Holy Spirit met with us and exceeded our expectations. A groundwork of prayer had already been laid and we were able to build on a strong foundation. The messages were anointed and strategic. We pray the impartation that was received by those in attendance will also be imparted to you as you listen.

God is using a flag from our past to heal our present and preserve our future. The verdict is in: the Appeal to Heaven phenomena is more than a passing fad; it’s a movement!



  1. Dutch Sheets
  2. Will Ford & Matt Lockett
  3. Bonus: Kiss of Heaven
  4. Damon Thompson
  5. Tim Sheets
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