Avoiding Offenses (MP3 Download)

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It is inevitable that in this life, we will face offenses - it’s satan’s most subtle snare. It is easy to take up the offense and carry it throughout our life, but what if there is a better way? In this teaching, you will learn why taking offense is damaging to your soul and spirit, how to heal from the offenses of the past, and truly become free. (Note this is an MP3 download not a physical CD. To order the actual teaching CD hard copy please find it under Single Teaching CD's). --Once you purchase this you will be able to log in and download it.--

1 Review

Phil Porter 15th Mar 2018


The body of Christ can use insightful and down-to-earth teachings in this day and age and AVOIDING OFFENSES is one such teaching that bears repeating time and time again. I know that Paul said that we don't wrestle against flesh and blood but sometimes it's darn hard to convince me of that when someone has really offended you. Listen to this anointed teaching and you will come away with a better understand of how the adversary works his nefarious craft.

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