Becoming Who You Are: Embracing the Power of Your Identity in Christ

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What holds you back from Becoming Who You Are in Christ?

What price would you pay to remove the barriers that hold you back? The wonderful news is that it's already done and the tab has been paid in full. Dutch Sheets reveals life-changing biblical truths about who you are in Christ and how to become the person God made you to be.

Becoming Who You Are provides an action plan to conquer whatever it is that keeps you defeated and enjoy a newfound freedom. You can experience the life Christ intends for His children.


“The principles in this book have empowered my spiritual walk.  It is filled with keys that will unlock victorious living. I highly recommend that everyone reads it!”

--Rick Pino, Fire Rain Ministries


“Becoming Who You Are is strategically written for the purpose of helping us know why we were created. If you are a pastor, leader, mentor or a guide to someone, this book is a helpful tool. If you are on a journey of personal discover, this book will serve as a compass that will help you in becoming who you truly are.”

--Eddie James, Eddie James Ministries

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Paperback, 256 pages

5 Reviews

Cindy 31st Mar 2015

Helpful Resource

I haven't read all of this book yet. However what I have read is very informative and has shed some light on a few things. Thank you Dutch for writing this book.

Lois Smith, Vancouver Wa 28th Feb 2014

Becoming Who you Are

I am so thankful for Dutch Sheets writing this book, it will help all christian understand who they are battling with. On page 125 last paragraph will help unlock truth, satan wants to keep hidden. Whereas the first Adam chose to disobey God and seek His own knowledge of good and evil, Christ, as our representative and substitute, came to obey and follow God's logos - His word, will, and ways -- to the letter. He laid down what Adam took up. Jesus would not cater to psuche/flesh or satisfy its desires, even at the cost of death. So, once again, why did He unfailingly refuse to do anything of His own volition? Because He was laying down psuche/flesh for us ---reversing our original sin and bringing the soul back under the control of the Spirit and the Father. Jesus did this at the cross for us, giving back to us the Father's original design to come in union with Him, our spirit obeying His Spirit and our soul is serving the spirit. Praise God , thank You Jesus.

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