Becoming Who You Are Personal Study (Digital)

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This series looks at why most Christians never become who they are declared to be in Jesus Christ. Why do so many promises of God go unfulfilled in the lives of believers? Why are some things about ourselves so difficult to change? These and other questions are dealt with in this in-depth study of the soul of man (the mind, will and emotions).Becoming Who You Are provides an action plan to conquer whatever it is that keeps you defeated and enjoy a newfound freedom. You can experience the life Christ intends for His children. Painting the Problem
1. Creation: A Living Soul
2. The Problem: An Exalted Soul
3. The New Creation: A Transformable Soul
Provision for the Problem
4. The Cross: A Crucified Soul
5. Lordship: A Yoked, Weaned, Restful Soul
Practically Putting Away the Problem
6. Conversion: A Potentially Saved Soul
7. Abiding: An Opened Soul
8. The Knowledge of the Truth: A Saved Soul

BUNDLE INCLUDES: 1- Becoming Who You Are Series on MP3, 1- Becoming Who You Are Book, 1- Becoming Who You Are Digital PDF Workbook

1 Review

Candace 15th Oct 2019

Excellent teaching

We have upgraded to the mp3 version as we "use to be cool" and decided to not part with our old cassette tapes; however, we are official now and have entered a new dimension.. This is a life changing message from the first time we heard it. It is a teaching that can be studied over and over, again with increasing revelation!! Thank you!!

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