Coming Full Circle (MP3 Download)

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In this new revelatory component to the 'Appeal to Heaven' message Dutch has been imparting throughout the nation, Dutch paints a Hebrew word picture concerning remembrance, coming full circle and releasing the power of testimony. Through this dynamic prophetic message, Dutch shares an open vision the Lord gave him, and explains it's significance for making the most of the opportune time in which we live.  This compelling revelation will help you tap into key occurences  prophetic decrees from your past to unlock power for your present and future!  

***We strongly recommend you listen to the 'Appeal to Heaven' message prior to listening to this teaching.***


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4 Reviews

Michele Turner 13th Nov 2017

Scholar Insight!!

In this message Dutch teaches us about the power derived through our Testimony and Spoken Word, bringing Gods power and will from past occurrences full circle into current situations. He teaches us how to unlock prophetic decrees and achieve breakthrough regarding Gods purpose for our lives. There is profound revelation regarding the David and Goliath story as well as other revealing insights from this Master Bible Scholar!

Jean Balthazor 3rd Nov 2014

You Are Not Just Circling the Same Bush!!!

A month ago our intercessor's group thought we were facing the same issues of church strife and suicide in our little town as we had 7 years ago. We knew God had defeated those giants before so how could it be that suddenly there they were again? We cried out for God to show us what was going on. He led us to 1& 2 Samuel with David and Goliath. God also took us to scriptures instructing us to not fear and to acknowledge the 7 year cycle that we are in (it had been 14 and 7 years ago that we identified the same pattern of "failed revival" and suicide). We realized We had not failed but that we were facing another version of the same thing (you know that old saying, "same song, 2nd verse, a little bit louder and a whole lot worse").

At the exact moment we needed a strategy I "ran across" Dutch Sheets' teaching, "Full Circle". I knew God was sending us His strategy. We were not just going in circles but We were "cycling up". We called on the righteous roots of our church to arise, pulling the Pentecostal foundation that was laid over 50 years ago into now. I am convinced that as we move higher in this cycle of prayer and authority in Him, God is defeating our foe at a greater level. "Full Circle" tied together the seemingly loose ends of what God was showing us and taught us what to do in prayer. Thank you for making this teaching available. Our prayer group is encouraged and our faith is stronger!

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