Defining Your Destiny (MP3 Download)

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One of your greatest purposes in life is giving birth to yourself. You must find the purpose God created you for, and allow Him to give birth to it. Along the way, you must also be very careful about what you allow to define you. Through this compelling teaching by Dutch Sheets, you will learn how to allow the trials in your life to reveal and amplify the greatness of God that lies within you. Even while traversing the harshest roads of life, and facing taunting giants of opposition, you can possess a strong resolve to let God shape you, define you, and give birth to your destiny.

2 Reviews

Sally Salome Brems 23rd Feb 2015



Pat Anderson 3rd Nov 2013

Defining My Destiny

My husband just died of cancer. Lack of care of the body - years of smoking, poor ammune system, poor eating habits. So, I'm left with everything to take care of. I am now picking up the pieces and have to go forward. I know he left before his time so defining my destiny with God has to be great. It can't be any other way, I'm 68 and don't plan on retiring or sitting around. Pat

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