Dreaming God, The Series (6-MP3 Download)

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Hidden deep within your DNA is a dream. Discovering that dream should be your ultimate quest, for it will unlock your destiny. God is a dreaming God Himself and imparted to us His dreaming nature as outlets for His dreams. Learn the principles that will guide you into this amazing world of "The Dreaming God."

Part 1: God is a Dreaming God

Part 2: God Gave us His Dreaming Nature

Part 3: God Wants us to Dream with Him…Together

Part 4: When He Gives You a Dream, Build an Altar

Part 5: God Wants us to Dream with Friends

Part 6: Dream with God Long Enough, Truly Become His Friend and He’ll Show you His Secrets

Part 7: Satan the Dream Stealer

Part 8: The Rewards of Dreaming


Series on 6 Mp3 Downloads

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