Dreaming God's Dream (MP3 Download)

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Hidden somewhere in your DNA is a dream. Discovering that dream should be your ultimate quest, for it will unlock your destiny. God himself is a dreaming God and, needing outlets for his dreams, gave to us his dreaming nature. Come and learn the principles that will guide you into this amazing world of "Dreaming With God". It will radically change your life, just as it has mine! (MP3 Download)

5 Reviews

Laura Hambrick 26th Mar 2018

Dreaming God's Dream

This download changed my life. Even though I am a sold-out Christian, in the back of my mind was always the idea that part of my dreams should be the "American Dream:" nice house, good job, good income. When I heard Dutch Sheets say that our dream should instead be "God's dream for America," ie., America turning back to Christ to be a light unto the world, I experienced a paradigm shift in my thinking. Of course!!! May God's dream be my dream. Outstanding sermon.

Sally Salome Brems 23rd Feb 2015



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