Essential Guide to Prayer, The

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This is a life-changing teaching on the simplicity of having a powerful prayer life. A prayer life with God isn't complex, but sometimes not knowing how to start can be enough to make a person turn away altogether. In The Essential Guide to Prayer,you'll discover that the starting point is to find your motivation for prayer in the power of love by forming a solid relationship with God as Father and friend. As Dutch Sheets lays the foundation for your motivation to pray, he challenges you to reflect with "Did You Understand?" questions at the end of each chapter. Dig deeper into the core of your prayer life by learning to pray effectively both alone and in groups, and by persisting in prayer until you see God's answers.

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5 Reviews

Patti Queen 27th May 2019

So many good nuggets

Please know that I am on chapter 2 only. I continually go back and read and mark areas that I believe are helpful. I read and mark and then re-read and mark some more. This book is helpful to me as a one who believes I was called to intercession and failed to step up to the calling. I am now stirred in my spirit to begin again. God is a faithful and loving Father and I am receiving much from this gem of a book, of information and instruction. Thank you.

Eric 1st Jan 2019

Essential Guide to Prayer

A great book that instructs us how to pray specifically for the lost. What they are up against spiritually and how we can assist in their journey to Christ. Of all the books on prayer I would read this one first.

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