Giants Will Fall (Downloadable Audiobook)

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We are entering a new era. The greatest harvest of souls in history is about to begin. Regions of the planet controlled by darkness since the Fall are about to see a great light; and the spiritual giants ruling these regions will soon be overthrown.

America, destined to play a major role in this harvest, will be prepared by experiencing its greatest revival. Caleb’s are arising. David’s are emerging. And the giants ruling this nation will fall. 

Don’t watch from the sidelines—find your warrior nature! Get ready for the Church’s finest hour.

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2 Reviews

Clydia Akins 9th Apr 2018

Giants Will Fall audio book

I loved the audio book, I listened to it a couple times and will continue to re listen I love audio books better than reading. I like that Dutch does his own reading.

Stuart Rocks 19th Mar 2018

Brilliant and Profound

This book is not only applicable to the U.S.A, but to many nations. It is brilliant and full of fresh revelation and nation changing insight. From a greater depth of the insight David walked in to the role of Melchizedek, Dutch explores the role of King and Priest, with personal testimonies to illustrate his teaching. He also impresses on the meaning of testimonies, and their power, along with what it means to bring those testimonies to the remembrance of the Lord. There is so much more, including the role and meaning of Hebron and why Abraham called God, the God of the past and the future. In a couple of words, brilliant and profound.

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