Giants Will Fall


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We are entering a new era. The greatest harvest of souls in history is about to begin. Regions of the planet controlled by darkness since the Fall are about to see a great light; and the spiritual giants ruling these regions will soon be overthrown. America, destined to play a major role in this harvest, will be prepared by experiencing its greatest revival. Calebs are arising. Davids are emerging. And the giants ruling this nation will fall. Don’t watch from the sidelines—find your warrior nature! Get ready for the Church’s finest hour.

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36 Reviews

Shaundi Dobbins 29th Jun 2021

Giants will always come

Powerful Faith building for any type of giant we might face

D Lane 18th Mar 2021

Giants will Fall

Powerful!!! I just finished reading Chapter 6 and that Golden Nugget "Do it again" is life changing!!!

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