Give Him 15 Wristband

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1 inch silicone wristband, debossed with white ink.


The GH15 printed on the band stands for Give Him Fifteen.

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2 Reviews

Emily Harris 1st Jan 2018

Great Witnessing Tool

My husband, Paul, faithfully wears his wristband every where he goes. People are always asking him what does this mean? Then he has an opportunity to talk about Jesus and the simple process of praying 15 minutes a day.
For those who are already saved, it is an opportunity to introduce them to the Give Him 15 project.
An example is a recent doctor's visit. While taking his blood pressure, the nurse asked about the wrist band. She got so excited when she heard about the bands challenge to pray every day. She told us that she taught a women's Bible study every Sunday and that would be a good challenge for them.
So we promised to get her the wrist bands to give to her group and we did. Hopefully she will also add the daily prayers.
Thank you for all you do! God bless.

Cindy 23rd May 2016

Join in Give Him 15

The Give Him Fifteen bracelet is a great reminder to do it each day! I love the logo, the free app and most of all the promise that the Lord made that He will change our Nation if we will give Him fifteen minutes in unified prayer everyday! Thank You Dutch Sheets Ministries!

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