God's Timing for Your Life (Combo)

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God has a plan for your life. But you must be ready and willing to act according to His will and His timing. Bestselling author Dutch Sheets has written this book and teaching to help you prepare for the pivitol moments of life and recognize the times and seasons God has ordained for you.

You may be struggling through hard times. You may be overcome with fear or uncertainty. You may even have prayed hard and held on for so long that you're beginning to think things will always be this way. Don't give up! Your struggles will not be wasted---they may even be necessary to bring up God's purposes.

Dutch writes, "Never again do I want you to be sitting in the train station with your bags packed and ticket in hand, watching the train that was to carry you into God's purpose for your life disappearing into the distance."

Are you ready?

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Combo Includes:
1- God's Timing for Your Life Book, 1-Teaching on CD

3 Reviews

Joyce Hackett 29th Aug 2013

Perfect Timing for Today

Fits today's time perfectly. I enjoy studying with Dutch and I always learn so much from his books.
The scriptural interpretations and Greek word studies bring about such powerful understanding.

11th Jul 2013

Just in time

I found out about this little book because you sent me an email highlighting this book and several CD's on a similar topic. It was like the email was divinely sent--I so desperately needed some light on my troubled path! As best I know, the Lord has shown me to leave my sister and Pennsylvania and go to Charis Bible College in Colorado Springs CO, and I am 63 years old. I'm exhausted doing all I have to do to get there. The Lord has provided a driver for my things, but I have little help getting ready. My sister and siblings are all emotional and it is hard on all of us emotionally, but Jesus said if I would lose my life I would find it. This little book explaining the 3 stages of God's timing is so helpful to my sister and I -- we are in a kairos time and very vulnerable. It describes us exactly! Thank you dear Pastor Sheets for this wonderful revelation, this wonderful book!

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