God's Timing for Your Life

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God has a plan for your life. But you must be ready and willing to act according to His will and His timing. Bestselling author Dutch Sheets has written this book to help you prepare for the pivitol moments of life and recognize the times and seasons God has ordained for you. You may be struggling through hard times. You may be overcome with fear or uncertainty. You may even have prayed hard and held on for so long that you're beginning to think things will always be this way. Don't give up! Your struggles will not be wasted---they may even be necessary to bring up God's purposes. Dutch writes, "Never again do I want you to be sitting in the train station with your bags packed and ticket in hand, watching the train that was to carry you into God's purpose for your life disappearing into the distance." Are you ready?

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1 Review

Tim Adams 21st Feb 2021

God's Timing For Your Life.

Highly recommend this book. What great insight and understanding Dutch brings concerning God's Heavenly timetable (and our role within it) in fulfilling His purposes and plans for all of history. Beginning with creation through to His return, we are linked together in Kingdom purpose with those who have gone before us and with those who come after us. One Continuum of Kronos and Kairos timed events, all part of God's creation and Redemption story, and we get to be participants in this relay with millions cheering us on.

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