Intercessory Prayer: The Lightning of God, 8-MP3 Series (MP3 Download)

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This teaching series provides you with an in-depth study of the Prayer of Intercession. You will see its importance in God’s plan for mankind, as well as the difference it can make for your family, community, and nation, etc.  Hundreds of hours of study have gone into preparation for this teaching. 

Lessons include:

Lesson 1: Man's Role on Earth

Lesson 2: Intercession

Lesson 3: Representing Jesus 

Lesson 4: The King-Priest Anointing

Lesson 5: A Meeting

Lesson 6: Holy Spirit Help part 1

Lesson 7: Holy Spirit Help part 2

Lesson 8: Enforce the Victory part 1

Lesson 9: Enforce the Victory part 2

Lesson 10: Enforce the Victory part 3

Lesson 11: Identification

Lesson 12: No Trespassing

*Pair with Intercessory Prayer - The Lightning of God workbook


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1 Review

Dora McIntosh 27th Mar 2019

Intercessory Prayer: The Lightning of God

I thought it was very good, but the sound was ok at the beginning of them but them went way down low and could not hear it so had to adjust the volume up real high to hear the rest of the CDs. I was not happy about that, otherwise, the teachings were very good. Just would have been better if it had not been for the sound. That was a disappointment because I had to record them myself and stop, turn up the volume, and continue recording. It was very time consuming. But I still love Dutch Sheets teachings. I gave them a 4 star because of the volume problems. Otherwise I would have gave them a 5 star.

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