Isaiah 22:22: The Key to Governmental Authority (DVD)

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In this two-teaching DVD, you will learn about our God-given authority for intercession and declaration on behalf of cities and nations.  In these sessions, Dutch presents hidden truths found within the book of Isaiah and applies them to biblical examples of five governmental cities.  Also captured on this recording is a time of intercession for Israel, led by Dutch Sheets, which you may engage with to personally activate the key to governmental authority!

Recorded in 2000 at the Brownsville Revival--after the Lord gave Dutch the Isaiah 22:22 mandate--this message is foundational to Dutch's present-day ministry, and a cornerstone for revival in America!  

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5 Reviews

Pat Bole 15th Sep 2016

Faith Holder in Government Chaos

I personally heard Dutch give this scriptural and personal revelation talk on how God is restoring our USA government back to Him. He did it in such great detail and solid scriptural explanation that my faith was ignited and is to this day when my faith gets weary when I hear what is happening in our Federal government, I know that God is uncovering what has been hidden so very long, too long, and making it right! Fear is gone and joy bursts forth. It is hard right now to see the "rats" being uncovered but it is God restoring Himself at the head of our US government as our Founding Fathers had so greatly and spiritually understood. Because of that they were anointed to write our Constitution that stands firm to the glory of God to this day and forever. May others obtain this DVD and find that same faith uplifting truth to see God's awesome turnaround explained! We win! No King but Jesus! The Appeal to Heaven is being heard by Heaven's hosts and the King of Kings. We are in agreement with His plans for America to glorify God Almighty even greater! And, to bless the world with Jesus's salvation, power, presence and authority as never seen before! We are in synergy with one another but greater still with God's eternal plan for USA! Hear His plan and be restored with His heartbeat loud and clear!

Mary 29th Jun 2015

The People's Government

Thoroughly enjoyed listening to this DVD. It truly helps explain not only the Biblical meaning but the Heavenly Authority we have over Earthy Authority...Blessed.

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