Large An Appeal to Heaven Flag (3' x 5')

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The "An Appeal to Heaven" flag was the first flag of our nation and was flown by George Washington's navy. It was also flown throughout the colonies during the Revolutionary War as a declaration that their only hope was in the God of Heaven. The phrase "An Appeal to Heaven" implies that when all resources and justices on earth are exhausted, only "An Appeal to Heaven" remains. Join the movement! Together, let's make "An Appeal to Heaven!" To understand the prophetic significance of this flag for Dutch Sheets today, listen to the teaching, "An Appeal to Heaven." Flag Dimensions: 3' x 5' Pole not included. Material: 100% Nylon 

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Minerva A PUIG 14th Jul 2021



Pat & Kent 10th Jul 2021

Appeal to Heaven Flag

We love the flag and what it stands for. We proudly fly it under the American flag in our front yard.

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