Lightning of God (Workbook)

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This workbook is designed to be used in conjunction with the Lightning of God CD and DVD series. This series is an in-depth study of the prayer of intercession, along with its importance in God's plan of redemption for mankind, it's benefits for the world, the body of Christ and the individual, and a many faceted look at its variety of applications. Lessons include: Lesson 1: Man's Role on Earth Lesson 2: Intercession Lesson 3:Representing Jesus Lesson 4: The King-Priest Anointing Lesson 5: A Meeting Lesson 6: Holy Spirit Help part 1 Lesson 7: Holy Spirit Help part 2 Lesson 8: Enforce the Victory part 1 Lesson 9: Enforce the Victory part 2 Lesson 10: Enforce the Victory part 3 Lesson 11: Identification Lesson 12: No Trespassing

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4 Reviews

Tony Pennell. 27th May 2015

Review of the Study Notes only

An essential companion to the excellent "Lightning of God" DVDs that makes Dutch's presentation so much easier to follow and fills the gaps in his talks. Plenty of space to make your own notes, too, to personalize your record of what the Holy Spirit highlights for you. My only grumble - these notes should come with the DVDs as a copyable CD so that the DVDs can be used for multiple sessions.

Adrian Childs 9th Feb 2015

Excellent study tool

I am currently enjoying using the syllabus. It has really helped in studying and preparing for my small group and just studying for my own learning. I highly recommend this to seasoned Christian's and new believers.

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