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The Power of Hope: Let God Renew Your Mind, Heal Your Heart and Restore Your Dreams

Sometimes life just isn't what you thought it would be, and you can find yourself wanting to give up. In times such as those, it may seem too easy, but the solution to your discouragement is simple--and it starswith hope. 

In The Power of Hope, best-selling author Dutch Sheets shows you how to look to God during these difficult times and move into a place of motivation, desire, and accomplishment.  

Each chapter also contains meditations that will inspire you as you read. Never underestimate the power of hope!


The Pleasure of His Company: A Journey to Intimate Friendship with God

In one of his most personal books yet, Dutch Sheets shares life lessons he has learned for cultivating an intimate relationship with God. Each chapter in The Pleasure of His Company reveals a simple, practical or biblical mindset that will help draw readers away from the noise of life and into the Lord’s peaceful presence.

Profound Bible insights, storytelling, and touches of humor all work together to demonstrate the joys of spending time with a loving God.

Perfectly framed for use as a 30-day daily devotional, this is the perfect book to help start off your new journey into deep intimacy with your God and Friend.


Dream: Discovering God's Purpose for Your Life

Why are so many people let down by life? We once had dreams--important dreams that gave us purpose--but somehow we got off track. It's certainly not what God wants for us. 

Our Designer dreamed unique dreams for each of us before we were even born, skillfully weaving them into our DNA, with the gifts and abilities to achieve them. Yet, here we are, chasing earthly applause when we could be experiencing Heaven's approval.

If you desire to reclaim the dreams that God has for you, journey with Dutch Sheets as he presents soul-stirring lessons from the Bible and stories of godly dreamers of today. When you hear God's call on your life, you will never be the same.

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