Moving Into the Coming Awakening (CD Personal Study)

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In order to move into the next Great Awakening, we need to learn how to discern the times and seasons and be correctly aligned to what God is doing. In this series, Apostle and Dr. Dutch Sheets teaches about wisdom and revelation, and how we can position ourselves to fully function in our individual giftings. This series guides us in knowing how to pray, in THIS season, to effectively usher in the movement that God and God's people want to see in this hour. Receive this impartation of passion, wisdom, and revelation from Apostle Sheets and get ready to finally Move into the Coming Awakening!

Section 1: Discerning the Times and Seasons
   Timing Words
   Personal Examples
   Even the "Fullness of Time" must be warred for

Section 2: Be Rightly Aligned
   Mantles from the Past

Section 3: This is a Year of "Wholeness"

Section 4: This is a Year of Conspicuousness
   James 4:10

Section 5: This is a Year of Healing the Land

Section 6: Wisdom and Revelation
   Dream One
   Dream Two
   Wisdom and Revelation are Supposed to Work in Tandem

1- Spiral Bound Workbook, 16 pages, 1-CD Series

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1- Spiral Bound Workbook, 16 pages, 1-CD Series

2 Reviews

Dan Malone 3rd Feb 2015

Christian listening to is a MUST

This is a cd that EVERY christian should have and every pastor and leader re enforce from their position of leader ship

Laurie Bloomfield 20th Oct 2014

Missing Chapters

I did like the study, but was told he was going to move ahead to chap.6 , but didnt return to chap.3&4 on the cd. But must say,I love listening to you and hearing your heart & passion. Thank You, for your heart and the words of God that you are faithful in sharing!

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