New Era Begins, The (MP3 Download)

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“We are moving into the Jeremiah 33:3 revolution where we will see the greatest outbreak of signs and wonders and harvest that any of us have ever seen.”

When you approach a point of transition, you can only catch glimpses of the other side of where God wants to take you. You don’t see the full picture. Through a series of prophetic dreams and events, the Lord spoke to Dutch encouraging him to get ready for change because things are about to speed up as we cross into a new era.

Recorded September 2011. 

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3 Reviews

Sally Salome Brems 26th Feb 2015


Very powerful!

Stacy pena 21st Sep 2011


This word from dutch sheets is such conformation to so many things that have been occuring in the natural it is a must hear as soon as possible

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