Pioneer Spirit, The (CD)

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Of the 12 spies Moses sent into the Promised Land in Numbers 13, all were leaders yet only 2 were pioneers. The pioneers reported, we should by all means go up and possess for we shall overcome, the Lord is with us. In this inspiring single CD, Dr. Sheets challenges us to be Pioneers, not settlers as we walk out our destiny.

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3 Reviews

Ron 14th Aug 2015

Kingdom Warriors - Awaken - Arise - Advance!

Powerful teaching-insight-exhortation that further activated and challenged my heart to be, by the LORD God's Grace, one of His increasing number of warriors. To join Him and His advancing army in the Third Great Awakening!! Includes many revealing and inspiring quotes of pioneering leaders in the past pertaining to the main subject of the teaching!

Jane 25th Jul 2013

Pioneers ADVANCE!

Put on the CD and let the Spirit of the LORD speak into you! We can't wake up others if aren't awake ourselves. So let the words on this CD soak into your spirit and be stirred up to advance the kingdom of G-d in the earth. The earth is the LORD'S and the fullness thereof. This CD will help you stand up with the Word - step out in the Spirit - and ADVANCE the Kingdom of G-d in the earth!

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