Rising Ekklesia, The (DVD)

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This is a powerfully anointed message concerning the true identity of the church. When Jesus said, “I will build my church (Greek: Ekklesia)…” the meaning of the word in the culture of that day had more to do with a governmental legislature than with a worshipping assembly. He was actually saying, “I will build my people into my kingdom’s governmental voice on the earth.” This message very clearly describes what this means to us today, contrasting our past paradigm of the church with what God is about to restore. Several leaders present when this word was spoken called it one of the best messages they had ever heard! 

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5 Reviews

Anna Allison 30th Jan 2016

What the church really is!

Very good....am sharing!

Laverne C. Ihm 2nd Mar 2015

A Kingdom Concept that has great depth and wisdom

I have been studying the Kingdom of God for many years, but this author has revelation knowledge and understanding deeper than most scholars whom I have studied. A great asset to understanding the true Kingdom of God.

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