Small Appeal to Heaven Flag (8.5" x 12.5")

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Flag Dimensions:  8.5" x 12.5"

Brown Pole: 25"

Material: Rayon

The "An Appeal to Heaven" flag was the first flag of our nation, flown by George Washington's navy, and throughout the colonies, during the Revolutionary War. The phrase "An Appeal to Heaven" connotes that when all resources and justices on earth are exhausted, only "An Appeal to Heaven" remains. This flag plays a key prophetic role in Dutch Sheets' new apostolic mandate for America. Join the movement!  Together, let's make "An Appeal to Heaven!"

To read about it's history, click here

To understand the prophetic significance of this flag for Dutch Sheets today, listen to the teaching, "An Appeal to Heaven." 

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2 Reviews

Mary 21st Oct 2014

Everlast and Evergreen

An amazing word given by a friend and received by a friend reveals answers to questions that only our LORD and Savior would know.

RJH & SFC 23rd Jul 2014

An appeal To Heaven

We had never seen this flag until Dutch Sheets came to our church...what a story behind how he received it...we wave it proudly in between our Irarel Flag and US Flag. We love it - thanks Dutch for sharing with us...Be blessed, Amen

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