Spirit of Jezebel, The (DVD)

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The "spirit of Jezebel" has permeated much of our culture affecting our cities and personal lives. Learn how to root out the "spirit of Jezebel" from this three teaching DVD. Recognize What the spirit is. detect its schemes, and discover God's strategy to guard agains its influence. 

1. The Spirit of Elijah vs the Spirit of Jezebel
2. The Methods of Jezebel 
3. How to Guard against the Spirit of Jezebel

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Series on DVD

1 Review

Susan 19th Nov 2012

Most Excellent!!!

Just what the body of Christ needs to hear and know!!! At first I was thinking that those in leadership needed to hear this, but on further thought, the body of Christ needs to know!!! I am walking with and mentoring a 20 year old and I am going to watch it with her this coming week. I will share as the Lord opens those doors!!!

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