Spoken Word Scripture, The (CD)

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This CD is taken from a 90-day, 24/7 worship gathering when Dutch Sheets read and decreed scriptures about the greatness of God while Klaus Kuehn prophetically played the piano. Those who were there can attest that this ushered in a weighty, powerful presence of the Lord. This incredible experience is available through “The Spoken Word." We recommend this CD for powerful worship and personal prayer times and even to play constantly in your home or work environment to set an atmosphere for the presence of the Lord. Draw on Dutch's anointing to war with wisdom and revelation by the Word of the Lord and be blessed! This CD is amazing and one of Ceci Sheets' personal favorites.


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7 Reviews

4th Jul 2016

A blessed C D

I enjoyed the spoken word and recommend it to anyone who enjoys God's word and it honors him in a wonderful way

Cindy 23rd May 2016

The power of The Spoken Word is undeniable

The Spoken Word is powerful and done in a manner that we know and love from Dutch Sheets. I agree that it changes the atmosphere as it is plays!

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