The River Of God (Combo)

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The river of God is being released and will, in its fullness, result in the greatest harvest the earth has ever known. It will be glorious!

What started as a trickle, God is turning into a mighty flood, bringing refreshment and vitality to all who immerse themselves in His glorious love. If you have yet to experience this unprecedented outpouring of the Holy Spirit, or don’t know how to jump into the water, this book will touch your heart and point you in the right direction. 

The accompanying CD teaching, Preparing For The River, provides further insight on God's instruction to the Israelites each time He was going to realease a mighty move of His Spirit: "Consecrate yourselves." Together, these resources will show you what a person--and a church--can do to experience the rising current of renewal and revival.


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1 Review

mo 23rd Sep 2015

very good and timley

Very good word in due season, you will really enjoy this

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