The Two Commissions

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In the New Era, the question is not will revival come? Without doubt, it is coming. The question is how the Church will respond to this outpouring. By examining history, we find that in order to have an awakening that causes societal reformation, the Church must simultaneously embrace the two commissions found in Matthew 28 and Mark 16. Dutch’s message will broaden your understanding of the Church’s assignment on earth. As you listen, you will be provoked to think bigger and more strategically about impacting the world around you for the Kingdom of God.

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3 Reviews

Jean Balthazor 6th Feb 2019

The Two Commissions

Excellent strategy for how to be involved in what God is doing now . Have listened to it about 8 times already. Gave a copy to my pastor, intercessor group and apostolic leaders in my state!

Paula Glasser 6th Feb 2019

A True Word for the Ekklesia

This is a much needed teaching! I am putting it in the hands of my pastors and prayer leader. Wonderful!

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