The Way Back


Centuries ago, the prophet Jeremiah lamented the fallen condition of Israel. Like today's America, compromise, complacency, and idolatry had overtaken the nation. Jeremiah's admonition of them was, "Go stand at the crossroads and look around. Ask for directions to the old road, the tried-and-true road. Then take it" (Jeremiah 6:16 The Message).

America desperately needs a generation of pathfinders and trailblazers to arise--change-agents who can lead us back to the old road. Deep within the DNA of every believer is the spirit of Christ, the greatest agent of change the world has ever known, the Pioneer of all pioneers. But His wild nature in us has been tamed in the wilderness of compromise and religion.

God is now issuing a fresh and extraordinary invitation to His followers: let me restore you to My son's untamed, world-changing nature.

Have you discovered the wild in you?

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12 Reviews

Nancy Rife 11th Feb 2017

a NOW word for the body of Christ!

This little book is dynamite - to shake the slumbering church. A wake up call to intercession. We are alive today to be pioneers in the kingdom of God, and Dutch give the exhortation, the motivation, the tools we need to go forward and do the exploits God is calling us to!

Elaine Liberio 2nd Feb 2017

Don't want to be a settler!

A must read for today! Who wants to be a settler? I could practically feel the urgency rising up in my spirit as I read. Time is of the essence...Pioneers are needed!! I bought 10 copies. Gave 8 out as a thank you gift to some of the women at my church who helped me with my mom's memorial. They were all so excited to get this book! Kept 2 copies, one for my husband and I and one to loan out. Praise God Forever!!

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