Watchman Prayer: Keeping the Enemy Out While Protecting Your Family, Home and Community

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WANTED: Mothers, fathers, laypeople, young people and leaders to serve as watchmen-sentinels who stand watch on behalf of our families, our churches and our nation. Accept this assignment and you will be equipped to discern the direction of the Lord of hosts and to be forewarned about the plans of the enemy. Led by the Holy Spirit, your strategic prayers can play a vital role in drawing a perimeter of protection around your loved ones. Are you willing to take on this critical role? Watchman Prayer will teach you al about the watchman's vital role---a role into which you can enter.

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8 Reviews

Dorothy Glover 27th May 2021

Watchman Prayer and The Way Back

My personal library contains about a dozen books by Dutch Sheets. As with all of them, these two add insights that I've otherwise missed or overlooked.

Anne Warner 3rd Mar 2021

Watchman Prayer

Just read this. The pastor's wife told me I was an "intercessor" and I didn't really understand the term. This book and others like it (you mention some) should be required reading for every Christian - and be promoted in all churches. Pastors (assuming they are not deceitful themselves) need to know who the intercessors are and need to encourage them to work together and be "bold and courageous" in reporting to the leadership. I attended Rexdale Alliance Church in Toronto for many years where Sunder Krishnan was pastor from the 1980's until he retired a few years ago. He is married to a sister of Ravi Zacharias (and Ravi often spoke there). I have the highest regards for both of them and really sympathize with the impact the scandal will have on them. One who has experience with being deceived can use this experience, when led by Holy Spirit, to become sharper and more able to detect it. I know I have from my own experience.

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