What is the Spirit of Baal (MP3 Download)

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This is the second of four teachings in The Spirit of Baal Series, where Dutch continues to lay a foundation on identifying this spirit that is over this nation bringing death to children, immorality, perversion, cutting, confusion and other destructive actions.  The key to withstanding the enemy is to understand who’s side you are on and the weapons your enemy is using. 

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2 Reviews

Sean Mulligan 13th Jun 2017

The Spirit of Baal

I downloaded the first 2 teachings of the series and have listened to them 3 or 4 times while driving to work. The teachings are excellent and have led me to study the Bible passages that Mr Sheets talks about and apply them to my own situation. One example is Gen 26 when Jacob wants to go to Egypt during a time of famine but God leads him to stay in Gerar, then God in turn blesses him.

Ferris Brown 2nd Feb 2016

Everyone should read this

I bought the first MP3, "What is the Spirit of Baal" and was so interested in that I bought the series. I recommend it for anyone interested and what is going on in this country. My only complaint is that it left me wanting more. So I bought a few more MP3s and registered for the Appeal to Heaven conference. That's exactly what are good audio series or book should do.

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